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Dana (Generosity, one of the Ten Virtues)

The Dhamma has been passed down from generation to generation from the time of the Buddha by the kindness, generosity, and selflessness of countless practitioners. We feel blessed to be trusted with this gift. This priceless teaching is given freely. We depend on the generosity of others to support this work.

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Meditate with us Monday Night Group Meditation

Before you arrive: You may want to arrive ten minutes early, so our greeter can tell you about the evening ahead. Wear comfortable clothes. While most in our group meditate sitting in chairs, there is room for you to sit or spread out on the floor.

We gather at 6:45 p.m.  The meditation period begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. for a half hour silent meditation. We break at 7:30 for ten minutes of tea and socializing.  A Dharma talk and discussion follow. The group adjourns at 8:30 p.m.

Meet up with us at our once a month Sunday Meditation, Munchies and Mingling

We hold a once a month, half-day retreat on a Sunday each month at one of our member’s private home. These monthly events usually provide time for two 45-60 minute sits, and a Dharma talk followed by light refreshments and socializing. Please contact Deborah if you are interested in attending.

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Learn what members of our community are posting. Here, you will find Dharma quotes and reminders to practice as well as learn what Buddhist activities are happening in your community.

Care Circle: We offer support to sangha community members in need of such things as transportation to sangha meetings or medical appointments, or visitation and other support in times of need.  Members of the team enjoy being of service to others and feel honored to provide what is needed.
Feel free to contact one of our care circle leaders if you have a need:
Miles ( or Marguerite (

River Haven: Once a month we prepare dinner for formerly homeless individuals living at the self-governing community of River Haven. Contact Robin ( if you would like to participate.

New to meditation?

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“If beings knew, as I know, the results of giving and sharing, they would not eat without having given, nor would they allow the stain of meanness to obsess them and take root in their minds. Even if it were their last morsel, their last mouthful, they would not eat without having shared, if there were someone to share it with.”

– Itivuttaka 1.26