Idle Speech and the Role of Inner Silence in Awakening

Idle speech appears at the end of Right Speech. To the uninformed observer, mentioning pointless conversations can seem like a throwaway category, an insignificant one at that and only tagged on for good measure. That would be a grave misunderstanding. What we allow...

Making Mettā Your Home Base

Mettā is a delicious state of profound wellness and points to a mind drenched in kindness and subtle happiness. From this lofty dwelling, a lavish generosity naturally flows. Anchored in joy, we want the best for everyone.

Dharma and TV Commercials

The truth about ceaseless stress of saṃsāra is everywhere, including in commercials which often aim at fixing the endless problems which assail us. Unlike the Dharma, TV commercials offer only a temporary fix. They never get at the root of the problem.

Using Space as a Strategy in Daily Life

In the Simile of the Saw, MN21, the Buddha shows us how a boundless mind makes it impossible for critical remarks to land anywhere and gain traction. We train to be able to modulate our awareness. We narrow our awareness when that serves us and expand the mind when...