Tranquility: Being the calm in the middle of a storm

Buddhism has many lists. The seven factors of enlightenment make up one of the most significant groupings. Tranquility is found here and is positioned before concentration and equanimity. What the placement on this list establishes is how essential tranquility is in developing wisdom and freeing the mind. Despite tranquility’s pivotal role in liberating the mind, few talks or articles offer instruction on how to generate and sustain a relaxed, calm state.

This retreat will focus on becoming adept in tranquility. We will begin by recognizing whether we are tranquil. If we are not, we will train in creating a calm mind and become proficient in maintaining this relaxed, open awareness whether in formal meditation or going about our busy lives. Exercises and suggestions will be given to assist in cultivating a still, cool mind. With observation and investigation, we will see for ourselves that tranquility is a lovely home for the mind and is the ideal field for the other awakening mental activities to flourish at their maximum potential.