Excerpt from Ajahn Amaro’s talk on not-self experience 1:18:23 – 1:23:10: “…(when) engaging…in meditation, and things come together in such a way that you have a very clear moment, and…in that moment everything is… obvious to the mind…there’s a very clear seeing and a completely unbiased seeing, even if it’s only for… a couple of seconds…there’s a recognition of “oh,” it’s just seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, thinking, arising, and passing away and that which is aware of it is not attached to it. Wow! Oh, and these things of me, (of) I think, and I feel, I want, and I used to, and I am going to, those are just thoughts, too. And they arise here and they’re all empty. Wow! Well, that’s great! Oh! And in that, “oh,” even if it’s again for just a finger snap, that is extraordinarily beneficial because at that moment, there’s a clear seeing…, you know it’s do-able. You know that there is a capacity of the mind to know things clearly, and for that freedom to be and to be manifestable, that can come into being, that can be embodied in your life.

Talk 2: Nibbāna. Also see the YouTube talk by Ajahn Amaro “We Need to Talk about Nibbana.”

Talk 3: Undoing the misperception of a “me” at the center of all arising and ceasing phenomena.