The Magic Wand of Disidentification

Over time, the habit of recognizing and releasing deluded and obsessive thoughts has the power to return the mind to its natural state of clarity, contentment, peace, and inherent wellness.

The Four Foundations

In this talk, The Four Foundations of Wisdom, Truth, Relinquishment, and Peace are explained, as well as the ways they serve to stabilize and free our mind.

Changing Thoughts Through Observation and Training

 When our minds are still, we can enjoy the ending of the friction created by thinking.  During this deep meditation, we can then observe the pattern of our thoughts rather than following them.  Observing our mind in this formal way gives us the opportunity to drop...

Why We Meditate

The benefits of meditation range from the mundane benefits of enjoying a refreshed, energized, and calm mind to profound states of insight and the freedom that comes from understanding the nature of reality. Over time, we develop an unshakable, mature happiness.