The Enjoyable

In Samyutta Nikkaya 22:27 the Buddha speaks candidly about his meticulous and exhaustive investigation into the many enjoyable things about body and mind. He then sets out with equal determination and scrupulousness to uncover the drawbacks and perils of delicious...


The opportunity to choose is the very thing that makes awakening possible. The thousands of intentional acts we make in a year determine whether we become more entangled with mind and matter or become free and completely unfettered.

Dukkha and Covid-19, Training in Being a Realist

In times of great upheaval, training our minds to see reality can ease our suffering. When we look into the nature of dukkha, we understand the emotional stress that comes from  expecting things to be different than they truly are..

The Vital Role of Tranquility in Awakening

If allowed to settle into stillness, even the most turbulent body of water becomes clear. Developing this kind of tranquility in our mind provides clarity and supports the work of deepening our meditation practice. Lovingly examining the state of our mind during the...