What To Do When You’re Feeling Tired

Meditative dexterity expands when we meditate even when we are tired or suffering in some other way. Anticipating occasional physical challenges and devising strategies for them will strengthen our ability to maintain a daily contemplative practice.


Taming, guarding, protecting, and restraining our mind generate enormous rewards and advantages. Wild Sutta AN 4.31


The Noble Eight Fold Path is made up of the components of Sila, Paññā, and Samādhi. The elements of Samādhi (Right Effort, Right Concentration, Mindfulness ) work together during meditation which, in turn, helps in following the Noble Eight Fold Path. Through Samādhi,...

Limited Self vs. Vast Self and the role of Jhāna

One reason we suffer is that we cling to an idea of a self. In Buddhism, the self is understood to be something we construct. Through meditation, we can go into a silence that helps us recognize the small mind as well as train in developing a vast mind. With training,...