Making Mettā Your Home Base

Mettā is a delicious state of profound wellness and points to a mind drenched in kindness and subtle happiness. From this lofty dwelling, a lavish generosity naturally flows. Anchored in joy, we want the best for everyone.

Taming the Wild Mind

With patience, we train our wild mind to prefer peace, stillness, and the subtle, exquisite joy found in meditation. With intentionality, we exit the sensual world and uncover the wondrous pleasures hidden beneath the surface of our turbulent mind.


The Noble Eight Fold Path is made up of the components of Sila, Paññā, and Samādhi. The elements of Samādhi (Right Effort, Right Concentration, Mindfulness ) work together during meditation which, in turn, helps in following the Noble Eight Fold Path. Through Samādhi,...