Restlessness is the second to the last fetter before full awakening and is an essential driver of becoming. When restlessness dominates our mind, we reject what is and search for pleasant contacts and enticing activities. Unsettled, discontented, we want something...

The Hindrances and Delusion

The hindrances prevent us from being alert, informed, and free to act in our best interest regardless if we are formally meditating or engaged in daily life.


Views play a crucial role in the fabrication and clinging to a “self.” When our cherished views are invalidated or dismissed, we feel diminished and often react in anger. Undoing attachment to views dismantles the “me” that is endlessly seeking affirmation and...

What To Do When You’re Feeling Tired

Meditative dexterity expands when we meditate even when we are tired or suffering in some other way. Anticipating occasional physical challenges and devising strategies for them will strengthen our ability to maintain a daily contemplative practice.