Covid-19 Cabin Fever

Restlessness of mind can be a deeply set hindrance on our path to Nirvana. Developing strategies to dismantle this uncomfortable state helps settle the mind and supports concentration in our meditation practice.

Talk 3: Highest and Most Sublime Emotion

Our happiness does not have to be dependent on changing phenomena. Through the work of observing and training our mind, we can achieve the freedom of equanimity, considered one of the Ten Perfections in Buddhism.

Tranquility Retreat

Tranquility: Being the calm in the middle of a storm Buddhism has many lists. The seven factors of enlightenment make up one of the most significant groupings. Tranquility is found here and is positioned before concentration and equanimity. What the placement on this...

The Vital Role of Tranquility in Awakening

If allowed to settle into stillness, even the most turbulent body of water becomes clear. Developing this kind of tranquility in our mind provides clarity and supports the work of deepening our meditation practice. Lovingly examining the state of our mind during the...

Our Mind as a Creation of Karma

Karma means to do.  Good acts through our mind, speech, and body have real results for us and others.  We create our future by inheriting the results of our actions and thought patterns we return to again and again. Because karma is driven by intentions which could be...