Developing Safe Pleasures

As we abandon more commonplace pleasures and entertainments, we discover far richer, more refined, subtle, enduring, and reliable pleasures.

Birth is Destroyed

People on the path to full awakening do not fear death but rather have revulsion and dread about the prospect of birth, after birth, after birth. The practice of the Eightfold Path culminates in the end of this pointless cycle of birth and death.

Cheerfulness Amidst the Nightmare of Daily Life

Freedom and joy originate from a profound understanding that the sensual world is incapable of bringing enduring happiness and well-being. Our first task on the path to awakening is to fully understand dukkha. When we fully grasp the First Noble Truth, there is relief...

The Four Noble Truths and Their Tasks

The Four Noble truths and their tasks: 1. This is the noble truth of suffering. This noble truth of suffering is to be fully understood. This noble truth of suffering has been fully understood. 2. This is the noble truth of the origin of suffering. This noble truth of...