What To Do When You’re Feeling Tired

Meditative dexterity expands when we meditate even when we are tired or suffering in some other way. Anticipating occasional physical challenges and devising strategies for them will strengthen our ability to maintain a daily contemplative practice.

Contact as a Contemplation

When contemplating dependent co-arising, we are instructed to notice the feeling tone of any contact. Is it pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? We can choose to respond with craving or aversion, creating more dukkha in the process, or respond with insight and...

Cheerfulness Amidst the Nightmare of Daily Life

Freedom and joy originate from a profound understanding that the sensual world is incapable of bringing enduring happiness and well-being. Our first task on the path to awakening is to fully understand dukkha. When we fully grasp the First Noble Truth, there is relief...

Dukkha and Covid-19, Training in Being a Realist

In times of great upheaval, training our minds to see reality can ease our suffering. When we look into the nature of dukkha, we understand the emotional stress that comes from  expecting things to be different than they truly are..