Not Taking a Stand

On the path to awakening, we realize the impossibility of searching for safety by “taking a stand” on the many views, preferences, and identities we adopt. Understanding these as empty, dissolving phenomena, we turn instead to accepting reality as it is....

The Magic Wand of Disidentification

Over time, the habit of recognizing and releasing deluded and obsessive thoughts has the power to return the mind to its natural state of clarity, contentment, peace, and inherent wellness.

Contemplating Our Death

Contemplating our death motivates us to live every day according to our values and to focus on achieving what truly matters, a pure heart, free of clinging. When we rehearse the last hours of our life, we clarify what truly matters. With repeated practice, we also...

Responding to Pain Skillfully

Counterintuitive as it may seem, opening to physical and emotional distress reduces misery in the present as well as the future. Please see the February 8, 2021 guided meditation which accompanies this talk (The readings came from Ajahn Brahm’s book, “Who...

Birth is Destroyed

People on the path to full awakening do not fear death but rather have revulsion and dread about the prospect of birth, after birth, after birth. The practice of the Eightfold Path culminates in the end of this pointless cycle of birth and death.