Not Taking a Stand

On the path to awakening, we realize the impossibility of searching for safety by “taking a stand” on the many views, preferences, and identities we adopt. Understanding these as empty, dissolving phenomena, we turn instead to accepting reality as it is....

Resting in Emptiness

As meditators, we are increasingly drawn to emptiness, even in our daily life. The signs of this growing attraction are revealed by an inclination to refrain from adding mental activity to a moment but preferring stillness and silence. When confused, we think we’re...

The Path to Freedom

This talk centers on the natural, effortless delight that arises from an unfettered mind, one freed from the tension caused by craving and clinging.

The Magic Wand of Disidentification

Over time, the habit of recognizing and releasing deluded and obsessive thoughts has the power to return the mind to its natural state of clarity, contentment, peace, and inherent wellness.