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Guided Meditation

Body sweep guided meditation by Susan Pembroke


Wisdom, morality, and meditation comprise the Eightfold Path, the blueprint of Buddhist practice. In the Eightfold Path: A Way to the End of Suffering,  renowned scholar Bhikkhu Bodhi , explores how the application of these to our day-to-day lives, helps us grow in insight, ethical behavior, and meditative skill. Most importantly, we become happier, the reason we undertook this training in the first place. 

In “Dependent Origination,” Christina Feldman   explains how craving and clinging lead to becoming, a core concept in Buddhism.


In this half-hour talk, Shaila Catherine, founder of the online dhamma classroom Bodhi Courses, discusses the importance of a Commitment to Enlightenment.

In this one hour talk, jhana teacher Leigh Brasington discusses and answers questions regarding  Dependent Origination .

Online Teachings

Intermediate Mindfulness class

This 4-week class on Intermediate Mindfulness, given by Gil Fronsdal, introduces the principles and practices which deepen mindfulness practice.  Suggested participation requirement is 45 minutes of daily meditation practice and keeping a meditation journal. Suggested prerequisite is an introductory course in mindfulness practice or equivalent. Homework materials (Word documents) for each week are also available for download.



“What Makes a Life Truly Worthwhile?” In this video, Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi discusses Dhammapada verses 110-115 which address what should be the purpose of our life from a Buddhist perspective. The verses mention moral restraint, meditation, samadhi, insight, and wisdom. They compare a life of one hundred years without these to a life of one day with them.


Online Magazine

Insight Journal has been published since 1994 by the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.



When the Iron Eagle Flies, Buddhism for the West, by Sister Ayya Khema  This work provides a clear exposition of theory as well as  a wealth of exercises. Ayya Khema was ordained a Theravadin Buddhist nun, receiving the name khema, meaning “safety and security” (ayya means “sister”). 

Mindfulness with Breathing, A Manual for Serious Beginners, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu A brilliant exposition of “mindfulness with breathing” by one of the most beloved Thai meditation masters.

 The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah  Ajahn Chah played an essential role in the establishment of the Thai Forest tradition which revived Buddhist practice in Thailand. When he taught the Dhamma, he relied on examples from everyday life to make the most profound teachings accessible.

Living Dharma: Teachings of Twelve Buddhist Masters by Jack Kornfield. This book provides rare interviews and instructions by some of the most highly regarded Southeast Asian meditation teachers.

Helpful Links

Dhamma Lists, extensive information about Buddhism

BuddhaNet, a Buddhist education and information network, offers a list of important Theravada sites.

Sakyadhita, International Association of Buddhist Women


Much of the information provided in our glossary comes to us through the generosity of Access to Insight and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Contributions to this glossary by members of Insight Meditation of Ventura (IMV) are indicated in parentheses. Insight Meditation of Ventura is deeply grateful for the opportunity to make this content available as a way to contribute to the turning of the wheel of the Dhamma for current and future generations.

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“A jug fills drop by drop.”

Dhammapada Dhp IX PTS: 122